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Welcome to City on a Hill, a contemporary, Spirit-powered Christian church based in Nashville TN. We gather together out of our common desire to worship and serve Jesus Christ and see God’s love transform individual lives and the culture around us.

Our Mission

With City on a Hill, we are seeking to gather with others to reinvent church and continue to move into deeper places in God.

Our vision is to have a community where leadership and participation is shared and the gift that God has planted in each of us is encouraged to flourish and grow.

Rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ and powered by the living spirit of God, we will be gathering in the Nashville area using music and discussion to help others to find that place in God where His life flows through us and the miraculous is the order of the day.

This Is The Story How God Got My (Neal Morse) Attention

It went down like this:

When the big quake came I (Neal Morse) was in the epicenter.

It was the big one…it was like a bomb went off in my house. I was alone. It was 5:00 in the morning. All I did was move the TV off of my dog, scrape the broken glass off of my bed and lay back down.

‘Oh man, my cigarettes fell’ I grumbled. Everyone else was out of their houses. I dozed for a little while and was roused by pounding on the door. My brothers were freaked that I was still inside the house.

‘Dude, what are you doing? The gas might blow..everyone is out of their houses..’ ‘Who cares’ I said.

I tell you this to illustrate how little I cared about my life. It was 1994 and I was in the valley of death. Severe depression. Failure was not what had happened, it was who I was.”

God redefined me. He reinvented me and today I am a fulfilled father, husband, musician and speaker.

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